Playing To Win

Key Off the Coalface

A reader asked me a very good question about how to coordinate strategy across the vast expanse of the modern large corporation. The short answer is that it is a non-trivial challenge — often handled poorly. Hence, I have dedicated my 4thYear II Playing to Win/Practitioner Insights (PTW/PI) piece to…

Playing To Win

Desire is not a Strategy

I am getting weary of the Objective & Key Results (OKRs) hype-train. As a result, I am compelled to dedicate my third Year II Playing to Win/Practitioner Insights (PTW/PI) piece to Stop Letting OKRs Masquerade as Strategy. Given the widespread enthusiasm for OKRs, I predict it will be a worthy…

Playing To Win

Walls Don’t Disappear, They Just Move

Last week I got asked about the need to reorganize in order to align structure with strategy. I get the question frequently, so I thought I would write my second Year II Playing to Win/Practitioner Insights (PTW/PI) piece on Strategy and [Re]Organization: Walls Don’t Disappear, They Just Move. …

How to Overcome a Central Managerial Challenge

What do Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Downey, Jr. have in common? The most obvious is that each was the best guarantee of a box office success and highest paid Hollywood actor of their era. Less obvious is that…

How to Overcome its Harmful Side-Effects

Nature has given us many helpful instincts that are intended to keep us safe and healthy. When we touch something that could burn us, we instinctively pull our hand away. When we feel a mosquito biting us, we instinctively swat it. …

Playing to Win

A Playing to Win/Practitioner Insights Retrospective

It all started innocently. I was getting frustrated with how long it took to get quick hit writing out. For what are hoped to be timeless pieces for the print edition of Harvard Business Review, I don’t mind the one to three years it takes to get an article ready…

Playing To Win

To Learn Faster to Win

The first 51 posts of the Playing to Win/Practitioner Insights (PTW/PI) series have concerned how to do strategy. I thought it would be fun to do one on whether to do strategy. Many executives aren’t convinced that it is a worthwhile endeavor. And they could interpret some of the things…

Playing To Win

The Four Keys to Success

Transformation is a hot topic these days, probably too hot. Putting transformation behind anything — finance transformation, go-to-market transformation, customer experience transformation, etc. — makes the thing sound cool and important. I have gotten so many questions about transformation that I thought I would dedicate my 51st Playing to Win/Practitioner…

Playing To Win

To Do, Or Not To Do?

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by a Peruvian friend how to think about strategy in the face of the dramatic shift in his company’s operating environment due to the election of President Pedro Castillo, who is both avowedly Marxist and an admirer of Hugo Chávez’ controversial reign…

Roger Martin

Professor Roger Martin is a writer, strategy advisor and in 2017 was named the #1 management thinker in world. He is also former Dean of the Rotman School.

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